Saturday, November 5, 2011

Module 5: Multimedia for mLearning

In this module, I researched and compared mobile applications that integrate resources for various curriculum and target audiences, analyzed how to repurpose or complement instructional content and learning activities of various media types via mobile instruction and extend learning opportunities beyond traditional barriers, and demonstrated the ethical use of digital information resources and understanding of educational copyright and fair use principles in mobile environments.


Audacity Tutorials


What is a Podcast?
Jing - How to Screecast


The first activity assigned, was to locate an audiobook that is compatible with your handheld device and matches the curriculum in your program.  I had difficulty finding an "audio" book that would fit into my training curriculum.  I spent hours trying to find something -- anything. Finally, my instructor excused me from having to do this activity.

 The second activity assigned, was to locate and select podcasts for Mobile Learning and post to the discussion forum about how the podcasts could be integrated to meet my curriculum's goals and objectives. 
I used iTunes to search for educational podcasts related to "podcasting in education" and "ebooks in education." I found a wonderful series of podcasts done by Tom Grissom, Ph.D., at The url is These podcasts will be included in my "Technology Learning Resources" Moodle site which I share with faculty and staff at the University of Minnesota, Morris. The Moodle site is set up so that anyone with a U of M Internet ID can log in and access the resources that I've added to the site. I have had more interest from faculty this semester regarding podcasting and video production (not necessarily vodcasting). The one stumbling block that i found was that I didn't realize that some podcasts are really vodcasts and therefore, they are huge! One that I attempted to download was 54 Megabytes. I was downloading it to a very full iPad2 32Gb. I bailed out of that download! I didn't experience any of the mentioned annoyances from the article, "Mobile Web Annoyances ...." However, it was a little tricky figuring out where my downloaded podcasts went on my iPad. Found them in the Music app. :)

For activity three, we were assigned to create a short (1 minute or longer) podcast or video podcast (vodcast) using Audacity or other audio or video editing software you
I created a Podcast, named "UMM INSTRUCT" on  The link to my Podcast page is:
This podcast episode introduces and describes our Fall 2011 hands-on technology workshops series, "Wake Up To Technology".
This was my first project actually creating and editing in Audacity. I had a little trouble finding the download link to the LAME encoder for Audacity (I clicked the wrong link first and installed a Fox player or something).  I tried to create an account at, but I received a message that they weren't accepting any new accounts at this time.  So, I went to That was a very easy site to use, and all for free too!

The fourth activity required us to create a screencast, of no fewer than six PowerPoint slides, using Jing or other like software. I created a screencast using PowerPoint slides, narrated the slides and played an embedded YouTube video. I did change the computer screen resolution to 800x600, as suggested, and it seemed to have worked well. I used Camtasia Studio (which is made by the "Jing" people -- Techsmith).  I produced the video as an MP4 and uploaded it to the University of Minnesota's Media Mill.
This screencast will be shared with faculty at the University of Minnesota.  I'll promote it via a Technology Learning Resources Moodle site and list the resource on the Instructional Technology page as well.
I didn't have any trouble preparing this screencast, as I use Camtasia Studio regularly in my job to prepare tutorials and presentations. Here's the link to my screencast: